Friday, 28 July 2017

Mr & Mrs Kahu and the Interloper

As I've called myself a ceramicist I thought it right that I include this ceramic sculpture. There are manybodies and anybodies glaze painted all over the three slip cast pieces. It was a finalist in the Portage ceramic awards, 2013.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Brexit cup and saucer

I am off in four weeks to the UK, no more regard for domesticity, food preparation, manicured garden, deadlines and long lists of 'to do's'. About time too. The 18 year old and the 21 year old are old enough to hold up their own worlds easily. Lots of dreaming and imaginary compositions foot out of the country already. Maximising the anticipation. Metallic threads are calling from Varanasi where they shall finally weave their way onto as yet unfound substrates. 

Illustration for the NZ Herald to accompany an article on the Brexit vote

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Tangled Kiwi

Trump gets a comb over

Getting caught up in all the drama. Caricature for the New Zealand Herald Business pages.

The Huia and the Rhino

Well... a well-swept driveway, a demolished bowl of pea and ham soup, bubble wrapping of ceramics, premature packing of unnecessary items, all this activity? - excitable anticipation of spending three months wandering not aimlessly through the alleyways of Varanasi. A three month artist residency at Kriti gallery and residency in Varanasi, my own 50 square metre air-conditioned, bathroomed studio. A return to India after 30 years. 1984 I was last there, in Delhi when Indira Gandhi got shot down. I shall be actively posting on this blog when I'm finally in Varanasi on the 5th October until the 6th January 2018. Making stuff, collaborating, responding to the place.

I leave NZ on the 3rd September to spend one month catching up on the UK. Then to India. 

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