Saturday, 15 July 2017

The Huia and the Rhino

Well... a well-swept driveway, a demolished bowl of pea and ham soup, bubble wrapping of ceramics, premature packing of unnecessary items, all this activity? - excitable anticipation of spending three months wandering not aimlessly through the alleyways of Varanasi. A three month artist residency at Kriti gallery and residency in Varanasi, my own 50 square metre air-conditioned, bathroomed studio. A return to India after 30 years. 1984 I was last there, in Delhi when Indira Gandhi got shot down. I shall be actively posting on this blog when I'm finally in Varanasi on the 5th October until the 6th January 2018. Making stuff, collaborating, responding to the place.

I leave NZ on the 3rd September to spend one month catching up on the UK. Then to India. 

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