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Artist residency at Auckland Studio Potters (ASP)

September/October/November 2020

While New Zealand was slowly feeling a little more comfortable about letting its people out to play I secured myself a three month artist residency at Auckland Studio Potters. I was given a light filled, ten square metre cabin to create my hand built sculptural pieces.

It was a luxury not to have to cart one’s heavy clay and materials to and from the studio, to have shelves to display ones in-progress work. And to have immediate access to the kilns, waxes, spray booth, glazes etc.

I’m not a wheel person, I’ve never related to symmetry very well so I spent my residency time making abstract, often anatomical shapes, that were then covered in satirical illustrations.

In December, I had an exhibition in the Studio Potters gallery of the work created during my time in the residency.


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