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Dear Virus…A cartoonist chronicles love and life in the time of Covid

Here’s how I spent my weeks in lockdown. Scratching away in my studio in the bush two peculiar characters started forming in my mind, two rather peculiar people who I would not normally imagine as my friends – a large buxom woman with turd-like hair and a Covid patterned shift dress, and a man half her size, maybe a conservative retired accountant. They quickly married in my mind and started to call each other ‘dear’ – they became Mr and Mrs Dear who accompanied me with their own experiences and longings throughout the seven weeks of lockdown. I’m in the process of finding the perfect title and subtitle for the book and have so far got –

1. Dear Virus… A cartoonist chronicles love and life in the time of Covid

2. Dear Virus…  A cartoonists chronicle of the strangest of times

3. Dear Virus…A cartoonist chronicles life in the time of Covid

I started posting the cartoons up on Facebook and Twitter and an inspiring response helped me to think that these drawings could form a small book.

So I’m in the process of self publishing this Covid collection of sixty cartoons, each cartoon will have a functional caption that highlights the event satirised in the cartoon. It will be an engaging quality souvenir of the times we all found out a little more about ourselves and our world.

Come back here in a couple of weeks and I hope I’m able to tell you that the book is at the printers!

And below are just a few of the cartoons……and I just can’t figure out a way to stop them being blurry here.



ps – if you’d like to get in touch I’m at


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