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‘Still Life With Moving Parts’

An exhibition at The Hastings City Art Gallery, NZ 27 February - 9 May 2021 Curated by Anna Crichton
'Te Wero' (Cast a spear) Wynyard Quarter Mural, Auckland

Visitor feedback from the Hastings City Art Gallery:

"The best exhibition I've seen in a long time" "Absolutely incredible...fantastic work" “Wonderful, no ego in the work, this is my favourite kind of art" "Really incredible work you couldn’t do it if you tried to” "Enjoyed the process involved with creating the artworks" “Would love to buy a piece!” “Joyful...genuine. Loved it so much I had to come back a second time”

For many years now I’ve been working with the artists from ‘A Supported Life’ in Henderson, Auckland. More recently with co-facilitator Rebecca Rose we have been working with the ‘guys’ at the Henderson Menzshed creating wood and metal sculptural pieces that have been part of the painting exhibition ‘Still Life with Moving Parts’ at The Hastings City Public Art Gallery.

These are a few words I wrote for the exhibition –

The work in this exhibition illustrates different visual constructions, a different way of seeing, unconventional ideas - and hopefully for the viewer a new and enlightening experience.

Enjoy these moving works not for what they are ‘worth’ but for the artists’ pure joy of expressing their ideas and passions.

The artists from A Supported Life involved were: Treena Armstrong, Jared Barrington, Shannon Bowden, Nathan Child, Danny Cope, Pippin Fraser, Jonathan Gill, Rose Green, Nicholas Lamb, Ruth O'Gorman, Michael Peach, Ashley Phillips, Jesse Steele, Bob Stevenson, Rachel Van de Broek, Samuel Wilcox


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